Patrimony Architecture : In Puerto Montt there is a mixture of architectural styles influenced by the German colonialist that were first seen in Valdivia and mulher procura dominante Osorno.
Handicraft Market : A little before arriving at Angelmo is the Handicraft Market that is open year-round and features woven goods such as ponchos, sweaters, wool caps and gloves, wood crafts, wicker, jewelry, leather goods and more.Further, it serves as an exporting community for public and private services for provincial and regional development.Cathedral : The cathedral was built completely with alerce wood in 1856 and its eplans com mediterrâneo design was inspired by the Parthenon of Athens. .Puerto Montt has a natural beauty and architecture that is impressive and for that reason several points of interest are as follows: Plaza : The current plaza, named Manuel Irarrazabal, has among its many attributes that it is the first plaza in Chile with.Tenglo Island : From Angelmo a crossing to Tenglo Island is only minutes away where native trees such as alerce, mañio and ulmo accompany the visitors menina maiorquinas procurando por sexo on their tour. .It is an important location for offloading and navigational center in that boats continually arrive from the islands to sell their products.In one of its pillars is the foundation stone for Puerto Montt.
Home our City, puerto Montt is located in the extreme southern part of Llanquihue Province on the Reloncavi Bay. .
Jesuit Church : The church was founded in 1872 and is one of the oldest buildings in the city. .On this island there was a cross erected in 1983 on the highest point from which one can get a panoramic view of the city.This community has two basic functions: It serves as the strategic connection between continental Chile and the extensive islands to the south. .Angelmo : Walking along the waterfront in a westward direction one comes to one of the most attractive and typical areas of Puerto Montt: the Angelmo cove. .Diego Rivera Art Center : Better known as the Palace of Art, it was built between thanks to a fraternal cooperation agreement between Chile and Mexico.Market, at the end of the Angelmo Cove is a large wooden house that is built on stilts over the water that features the most typical foods found in the area to include exquisite clambakes, fish stew, seafood, and more.It was founded on February 12, 1853 and now has a population estimated at 174,952 residents, 85 being urban and 14 rural. .Behind the church is the Bell Tower that was declared a national monument in 1997.