Escobar was killed in a hail of gunfire by the Colombian police in 1993, and the Hacienda retreat became dilapidated.
'And if you're not careful, there are going to be 20 or 30.
Wiele budynków w posiadoci zostao zburzonych lub przerobionych do innego uytku.
'They say there's money, guns, many things here said Emerson Gómez, 15, one of Alex's friends, as he poked through mud-spattered rooms after a morning climbing coconut trees.Hipopotamy Escobara ucieky i stay si dzikimi zwierztami, yjcymi w przynajmniej czterech okolicznych jeziorach i rozprzestrzeniajc si w lokalnych rzekach.In fact, they have flourished - the herd is now up to 10 - sharing the hacienda with six families of refugees from Colombia's civil conflict.Drug Traffickers Build the Best Theme Parks., 7 cega namoro xavi kwietnia 2014.Hacienda Nápolés ( hiszpaska, posiado Napoles) bya luksusow posiadoci wybudowan i nalec do kolumbijskiego barona narkotykowego, pablo Escobara w miejscowoci, puerto Triunfo, w departamencie, antioquia, okoo 150 km na wschód.Escobar held extravagant, cocaine-fueled parties, with beauty queens and corrupt politicians among his guests.People have been known to sneak in on one occasion with a backhoe and dig up the lawn and floors in search of treasure they believe Escobar buried there.
But the hippos - stubby-legged, nearly hairless, with 20-inch canines and faces only a mother could love - are what truly delight.
For the most part, man and beast live in peace here.
Notorious Colombian cocaine lord Pablo Escobar once lived in this sprawling estate, spending his days riding his hovercraft over its many lakes, wandering among his collection of vintage cars, and strolling through his zoo filled with hippos and exotic birds.'They left the hippos said the former manager, Octavio Pineda, who lives nearby.This part of Colombia is hot and sticky, with lush vegetation and plenty of water.There is a park, the lake, and the village replica of the flooded town.And they are not going to be able to stay on one lake or one river.'.Parque Tematico Hacienda Napoles.If I didn't have a car for once I got there, I would just go to one of local water parks, like Parque de Las Aguas.Koszt utrzymania zoo by za duy dla rzdu, wic podjto decyzj o przekazaniu wikszoci zwierzt do kolumbijskich i zagranicznych ogrodów zoologicznych.'They are displaced, too Marco William Mosquera, 38, said of the hippos as he rested in a hammock at the former dispensary where his family lives.

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At Hacienda Nápoles,.
There have been some problems, however.